Hi and welcome to Babyonboardbadge.co.uk!

My name is Joycellyn - I am a mum of two, a wife, journalist and entrepreneur.

I created Babyonboardbadge.co.uk a decade ago when I had just recovered some of the bad experiences of commuting to work while heavily pregnant with both my children.

Pregnancy is not an illness - if you are on this website, you may well have heard that line before! But when you are being nudged, prodded and cajoled on public transport with a bump that is either well hidden (no matter how hard you try to 'show' how pregnant you are), it can be a scary prospect.

After a lot of close run ins with elbows, bags and just angry commuters during rush hour, I came across the badges you can get (for free, at the time) from the London Underground. But to my dismay, even with one on each lapel, the badges were easily missed.

So I took some action. I created some of my own - with a twist. Not plain and formal, but badges to match every outfit, with funny ways of saying, 'Yes! I am pregnant!'. 

The Evolution of BabyonBoardBadge.co.uk - Baby Showers

Then I realised one thing...I never had an actual baby shower for either of my children! They just weren't the 'thing' at the time. But over the years, I've organised loads of them, and loved every bit of it!

As you will see, there are lots of themes and ideas to help you make your friend or relative have the best baby shower you can imagine - and it will keep growing! I'm a little bit obsessed now, but I absolutely love it!