Ideas for a Baby Shower Theme

Are you throwing a baby shower soon? If so, it's time to start thinking about the theme! Here are some ideas for an elegant and fun theme.

Number one baby shower theme idea is a tea party baby shower. This baby shower theme would include invitations with teacups, cake pops and macarons (and don't forget the tea!). A variation on this theme could be to use high heel cupcakes instead of cakes, or even baby bottles! It's definitely time to get creative if you choose this baby shower theme.

You can also add pretty hats for guests that come in costume to make it even more fun.

Another baby shower theme idea is a baby sprinkle, which means you are throwing the baby shower for two expecting mothers instead of one! Usually, there's no limit to how many guests can be invited and this makes it an easy baby shower theme because you don't have to worry about any specific guest limits or minimums like with other baby showers (like first baby showers).

It also lets everyone share in celebrating this new parents-to-be together. For this party, decorations could include clouds on silver balloons or "hugs" made out of fabric circles strung together so that your gifts look like they're floating away when placed underneath them. Similar touches could also go along the lines of bows and unicorns to complement the theme.

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