How to Make a Balloon Arch for a Baby Shower - Includes Video Tutorial

Here's your quick guide to making a balloon arch for a baby shower. It's really quite simple and adds so much to the decor of any special occasion.

Baby Shower Balloon Arch Step-By-Step Tutorial

Get all your resources together:

  • Number of balloons: 2 large and 20-30 small (the number will vary depending on size) plus curling ribbon.
  • Helium or air; use helium for curved balloon arches.
  • Balloons in colours that match your baby shower theme (we chose blue and yellow).

Step 1

Blow up two large round balloons enough so they stick out about one inch above the rim of the jar, but leave most of it big and bulbous arch that will definitely turn heads! You'll need:

  • Balloons (obviously).
  • 3x 1" netting panels (I'd recommend clear if you're shooting for white or any colour you prefer if not) *we use these because they coordinate with all our latex balloons and allow an excellent full shape. But plastic mesh also works well at this size too. Anything similar should be fine*.
  • ½"-1" ribbon or string.

Step 2

Tie the ribbon to one end of the jar/glass, then place your netting over the top, so it's resting at an angle. After you've done this, push the round balloons down through opposite sides of your glass.

Step 3

Continue to tie the other side of your balloon ribbons to another glass or jar. Leave enough space in between them for guests to walk comfortably without being squished by arches.

- We suggest at least 8" apart unless you have a tiny doorway or opening!

Baby Shower Balloon Arch Video Tutorial

Watch this video to see how to put your baby shower balloons together - you'll be amazed at how easy it is once you have everything.


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