Baby Shower Etiquette

Baby showers have been trendy and are one tradition that almost all mothers-to-be from virtually all countries practice. Since a baby shower is not only gift-giving but also a social event, it is for this reason that some etiquette should be observed. These etiquettes may vary depending on your country, but the following is the most common ones.

1. Baby showers usually take place a month or two before the birth of the baby. Recently, some people have practised having the baby shower a month or two after the birth. Holding the party before the baby's birth will give the mother time to buy the items that were not given as gifts during the baby shower - or save money by receiving them as gifts!

2. Traditionally, a close friend of the mum-to-be is the host of the baby shower. However, there are no real rules about who hosts the baby shower - relatives and co-workers can also host the baby shower.

3. Baby showers can be held for baby number two, three, and all the others thereafter - not just for the first baby! Every pregnancy is a reason to celebrate, so there is nothing wrong with throwing a baby shower for all your loved one's babies.

4. It is common to give gifts that are related to babies. Neutral colours can be picked for gifts so that they will relate to either a boy or girl. It is best to choose gifts that can be useful and something that a baby may need every day, like diapers, feeding bottles, bibs and baby blankets.

5. For the host, it is okay to have games to break the ice, but it is not that required. Conversations, food and drinks are the things that should be considered. It would also be nice to have a book where the guests can write on their notes and messages to the new mum.

6. Usually, 20 people or more are invited to baby showers, but this will also depend on the number of people that can be accommodated in the venue. Sometimes, they hold a small number before birth and a larger group after the baby is born.

7. A baby shower is usually held at the weekend, as that is usually the most convenient time for guests. They normally last for two to three hours but can go on for longer if everyone is enjoying themselves (and if the venue doesn't have any time constraints).

8. The baby shower host usually pays (or organises contributions) for the baby shower, which covers the expenses (decorations, food and other essentials).

9. Ideally, the baby shower is held at the home of the person hosting the party. The new mum would be informed since a pregnant woman is not fit for surprises.

10. It is not necessary to have a special invitation printed. The host can buy stationeries or greeting cards with baby themes in bookstores. Invitations should be sent out at least three weeks before the baby shower. This will give enough time for guests to respond and confirm their attendance. Remember to include the directions to the baby shower venue to avoid multiple calls and texts about this.

11. A theme for the party is not that necessary, but this adds life to a party. Wearing costumes and decorating the venue gives a happy and celebrating atmosphere.

12. It is only proper to welcome guests when they come and thank them when they leave. The host should always be present during the party and should be the one attending the guests.

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